As per the government guidance for events in England we will be making use of the NHS COVID Pass facility to confirm the COVID status of all guests at the event


Full details from the NHS on criteria and how to obtain a Pass can be found here, 

Unable to provide a pass?:
Guests unable to provide a pass will be asked to complete a test at the venue to gain entry  at a cost to the individual.


Please be aware that testing on-site will slow down entry to the venue for yourself and others, so we highly recommend you complete a test prior to arriving and upload your result to obtain a COVID pass. 


Not registered with a GP in England or vaccinated outside of England?:

We are currently seeking advice as to what documentation we can accept from guests outside of England who cannot access the NHS pass system. Further details to follow but rest assured you will not be excluded from the event based on not having access  

Further Details:

We will not be implementing social distancing at the venue, however where possible we do of course encourage our guests to help us mitigate the risks associated with the pandemic. 


With Printworks being far larger than our previous home, there’s nearly four times as much floor space available with seating throughout. The experience wouldn't be the same without social interaction with producers so table service is unavailable. Sanitiser stations will be placed throughout the venue for your convenience. 


While the venue has a huge capacity, we’re only using just over 50% of that, with each session capped at 3,500. Although mainly indoors, the high ceilinged ‘warehouse’ style space benefits from industrial ventilation / extraction facilities due to its previous use, and offers vehicle-sized floor to ceiling roller doors leading outside from two of the three areas. 

Please note: 

We do reserve the right to implement further restrictions in line with Government Guidelines, warnings or guidance at any time and communicate these to Visitors on the Event website and in person at the Event site.


Visitors experiencing symptoms associated with Covid-19, or who have recently been in contact with a person experiencing symptoms, are asked not to attend the Event.

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