Brew//Gratitude & Praise - #2

We at Brew have been incredibly nervous about survival prospects during the last year, all people in events have suffered hard, some have adapted amazingly but many have lost a lot. We’re hearing a lot of similar stories from breweries too.

One of the hardest things to cope with, certainly for me, was the uncertainty. Not knowing when events could take place again left a big gap in our sense of purpose.

A sense of purpose really makes a difference to one’s wellbeing. It keeps you going, helps you focus and achieve more.

We have decided to support two charities this year our usual partner The DRINKS TRUST and CALM

That said we have been extremely grateful we were eventually able to find alternative ways to keep busy and now be able to put a new version of our show together for July 2021.

As things for us are gearing up for the show it feels great to have focus. Ticket sales are ahead of any previous year and hopefully we will get the green light to add some more.

The primary purpose of Brew//LDN is to be a conduit for brewers and buyers to connect, we are a trade show above all other things we offer. Our main aim is to ensure there are many opportunities large and small, on and off trade, multiple and independent to cover the full spectrum of sales opportunities.

We want to praise the small independent breweries. Without making this political (no one wants to read that rant) we at Brew are very aware of how limiting the support packages for small business owners has been.

So we offer a salute to the brave and determined producers who have made it through and have signed up to exhibit at the show, for having the ambition to get out there, make some deals and with a fair wind repair some of the damage over the last year.

For the 2020 show we really wanted Pulpt cider at the show, they produce some great liquid, but they were struggling with cash at the time. Al one of the co-founders is a friend and down the pub one evening in 2019 I was trying to convince him to go for it, 2 pints in and I took a gamble and said come along and I’ll cover the cost if it doesn’t work for you. I didn’t approve it with my colleagues so could have become a personal bill!They came, they meet a Tesco buyer and a year later are now listed in 529 Tesco stores. They paid for the stand…phew!.. and were one of the first to sign up for July.

This is what we are about, creating opportunity to find the growth you need to move your business forward.

If your worrying, be brave. A lot of the very large producers are tightening their purse strings, more than likely dictated by an accountants dept. This means there will be a lot of opportunity at the 2021 show and a chance to take significant market share from the major players. The buyers will be in attendance looking for new deals.

Sharing a stand with another brewery is an option to help you bring the cost down and go for it.

We have a host of talks planned that that are focused on methods and plans to help the industry thrive. If you can’t exhibit, then we’d love to welcome you to a trade session to enjoy the events and hospitality industry opening back up.

As all our previous shows we will be welcoming trade guests from the likes of Tesco and Morrisons through to Fullers and Stonegate amid a host of independent and national groups in the e-commerce, on trade and off trade channels.”

Best of luck getting your beers back into pubs and restaurants and see you in the events space soon.

The Brew Crew


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