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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

We’ve agonised for a while over what news content / info we should be putting out as a monthly newsletters, we aren’t journalists and news isn’t our remit.

So here is the first of our irregular and ‘of the moment’ selection of fun things to inspire your discovery of interesting beer*, pubs, food and entertainment. The intention is to present info to encourage exploration and experiences as well as offer a forum to promote people, stuff and things that deserve it.

*not exclusively beer**. **but mostly beer.

Post Lockdown Pub Adventures

Firstly, I’d like to introduce Franco, who I came across during lockdown 1. When pubs shut the posts via @boozehousetales filled me with warm nostalgia.

It was also a reminder of how important pubs and hospitality venues are to our way of life and love of life. As the UK looks to open up it’s going to be vital to support the pubs, use it or lose it will easily come true in 2021.

Franco has put together a fantastic list to inspire some pub adventures (soon!). Enjoy and make sure you check him out on instagram, Whack Yourself Wednesday is a delight.

All the best, The Brew Crew

Booze House Tales Biog;

Booze House Tales is the brainchild of pub loving renegade Franco Allen. His quest is to find the best watering holes on the planet, no matter how big, small near or far if they serve alcohol — Booze House Tales will sniff it out.

In the past 4 years Franco has visited 12 countries on his pub escapades: from Nairobi to Riga and Montpellier to Vlore to try and seek out the best boozers the world has to offer.

With the emergence of COVID Booze House Tales had to adapt and diversify, this led him to embrace the video format to review all the lockdown tipples he could get his hands on. Franco came up with a new weekly segment called Whack Yourself Wednesday where he reviews the less glamorous offerings from off licenses — think more turbo lager than DIPA and you’re in the right ballpark. “This will make you smile anytime of the day” (BrewCrew)

Head over to his Instagram and give Franco a follow

STORY #1 — 

Top Five Pubs of 2020 (In no particular order)

Let’s face it 2020 was pretty much a complete write off for most people apart from Jeff Bezo and Elon Musk the lucky swines. But now we have hope, vaccines and a roadmap better than a Collins A — Z. Even though pubs were closed for the majority of 2020 I still manged to sneak in a fare few pub visits and here are my top 5 of 2020 and a few to watch out for in 2021.

The Chapel — Broadstairs


This is a far cry from your traditional pub — It’s a bar that doubles up as a bookshop in a Grade II listed chapel. The staff are super hospitable and know a thing or two about good beer and the local area

Firkin Shed — Bournemouth


Holds claim to be Bournemouth’s first micro pub, but in my eyes, it is much more than that and I’m brave enough to say it’s the best pub in Bournemouth! The Firkin Shed is a multi-award-winning pub with an ever-changing beer selection — If you believe variety is the spice of life this is the place for you.

Old Neptune — Whitstable


This is a bit of a rare breed a pub right on the beach and as covid secure as it comes. Can you beat a glorious sunny day on the beach with a cold pint in your hand?

Nags Head — Walthamstow


Yes, there are cats milling about and yes, they like the colour pink. But the Nags Head is a welcoming and wonderful pub in the backstreets of E17 with a unique approach to the pub game which I love

Kings Arms — Borough


This was a pre lockdown 1.0 visit and a pre football match pint which feels completely alien to talk about, but there really was a window of opportunity back in 2020 to visit the pub like years previous. The Kings Arms is a beautiful Grade II Victorian pub with an old school approach that goes slightly under the radar as isn’t on the main drag, trust me it’s well worth the extra walk

Pubs to look out for in 2021

Hobo Kiosk — Liverpool


I know Liverpool has some heavyweight pubs in its roster, but you need to consider adding this bohemian dream to the list. It’s an all-round wonderful experience drinking in the Hobo Kiosk.

Rabbit Hole — Streatham


You hear people saying that the next generation don’t drink as much, they need to consider the experience and if it’s instagrammable before venturing out. The Rabbit Hole ticks both of these boxes and has the potential to be a real powerhouse.

Pilcrow Pub — Manchester


Is a Scandinavian inspired pub in Sadler’s Yard with an excellent range of beers and super knowledgeable staff. I went on a raining evening in January; just imagine how good it will be in the summer months with that wonderful outdoor space they have at their disposal.

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