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**BeaT the GaMe** Cheat Free Gems Dragon City Simulation APK 1.1 for Android

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Dragon City Gameplay

In Dragon City, you can raise your own dragons and design and decorate a city full of dragons. The city is floating on an island and it is truly a magical setting for these magical creatures. As you raise your dragons they produce gold for you that you can use to buy and upgrade habitats and buildings in the city.

You can also exchange gold for food on farms and use that food to level up dragons to evolve them and improve their strengths, and depending on your dragon’s rarity, increase their gold production. You can also breed two dragons when you reach level 4 or more and produce a hybrid one.

The game also has many currencies in it, and the premium ones are gems. The gems can be collected in many ways, as well as other currencies or you can get them from in-app purchases.

Besides gold and gems, there are also crystals (ruby, topaz, emerald, onyx, diamond, and sapphire) which you can get from gold once you reach level 27 as a player.

The Ancient World will then appear where you can use free gold which you get from Dragon City hacks or collect them from mines and use them to summon ancient dragons.

Game Currencies

As already mentioned there are several currencies in the game – gold, crystals, and gems. There are various ways to get these currencies in the game for free, or you can buy them in the game’s store.

Gold is the most common currency which can be gathered from dragons and their development and it can be used to buy food, upgrade habitat and buildings, and get crystals. Here are some tips on how to increase your gold acquisition:

§ Habitats – upgrading habitats increases your gold potential, as well as owning more dragons. Whenever possible tap to upgrade habitats for more gold.

§ Leveling dragons – the higher the level of your dragons the more gold they get you. Grow food in big amounts to feed the dragons and level them up. When you feed dragons to level 10 and more will get you more gold.

§ Breeding – breeding dragons is an important part of the game because breeding brings dragon eggs. You can sell those eggs for more gold or nurture them into dragons, both get more gold.

§ Frequent play – the more you play the more gold you can get from all of these since the gameplay will be continuous.

Another valuable currency in Dragon City are gems. Gems are often hard to get by since they are worth a lot, but there are ways to get gems for free (but it will take you some time):

§ Log in every day – each day when you open the game you get login rewards. Some days you may get gold, some other days you may get food, and you can even run into days when you will get a free gem.

§ Gain XP and level up – to gain XP you need to collect food from farms, build habitats and complete the game’s goals. By completing your tasks you gain experience and with each new player level you gain 1 free gem.

§ Unlock Jewelem’s Tower – when you unlock this tower you will get one free gem every day. And once you reach level 12 you can rebuild the tower for more gems.

§ Play daily bonus – Deus Daily Bonus is a mini-game within the game that you can play every 24 hours. Most prizes will be small but on some occasions, you can win gems.

§ Play PVP tournaments and win – you can battle dragons with other players and win gems. Pick a dragon or a team of them and pit them against another player. If you win a predetermined number of battles you gain a reward. Before the tournament begins you will see a list of rewards and you can win some free gems while having fun. You can start a league, too and if you win 2 league battles for example you earn 3 gems.

§ Complete offers – there will be offers in the game, from installing a program to watching ads on the phone within the game. Such offers can bring you rewards, including gems.

There are many ways to gain hack dragon city gems 99999 for free, but sometimes there will be days when you cannot find gems whatever you do. The last official option is buying gems in the game’s store. This means that you have to use your real money in order to get gems and there are several packages of them, from 25 gems for $1.99 to 1,700 gems for $99.

However, there is a way to get the free gems up to 99999 in some untraditional ways. All you have to do is put the wallet aside and learn how to hack Dragon City.

Game Features

Dragon City features some special events which can help you collect currencies and Orbs to empower your dragons. There are events each week that give you plenty of opportunities to own new dragons.

What is more, these special events often offer you cosmetic items for your dragons, called Dragon Skins. Plus, you can train your dragons through various adventures called Dragon Quests.

And last but not least, you can challenge and battle other players in a duel. Your dragons then battle each other in the PVP arena and you can win some great prizes. Also, players can trade various items, such as Orbs in the Trading Hub.

Dragon City is a colorful game that anyone can enjoy playing. It is truly wondrous and it has dragons! And even though it is free, there are some in-app purchases, but those can be easily evaded with our great hack. Enjoy playing!

If you are looking for ways to get free gems at Dragon City, today we will teach you the best tricks and methods to get an unlimited amount of gold and gems.

If you play Dragon City mobile game, you must know how to get gems in Dragon City . There are several ways to do this. The easiest way using the unlimited gems generator.

But you can also complete in-game tasks to receive gems daily, however this requires time. That is why today we will explain some tricks and «hacks» that you can use to have free gems in May–June of 2022.

What is Dragon City about?

Like other games like Pokémon or Digimon, Dragon City is a video game that focuses on collecting your own pets, in this case cute but powerful dragons. In this game, you will have to build your own dragon metropolis, where each dragon must live in its own habitat.

You can have up to a hundred dragons and raise them in your own city, which you must build to provide your squad with the best comforts, making the dragons feel happy in it. In addition, there are several buildings magic and scenery never seen before, where to wage battles against other players.

In order to win all your battles, you need to have the necessary resources, because if you don't feed your dragons, won't level up and they will be stuck. So one of the best options is get free gems for Dragon City.

How to get free gems in Dragon City

Next we will show you the best ways to get free gems for Dragon City legally and free.

If you want to get free gems on Dragon City, one of the most popular ways is using the gem generator and unlimited gold.

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A generator is an online tool that allows you to add gold, gems and other resources to your Dragon City account without the need to download any files.

Keep reading and we will show you the best hacks and tricks to get free gold and gems without the need to pay or buy them within the game.

Gem generator for Dragon City 2022

It's about a free gem generator for Dragon City, which works online and is developed by experts in the field.

We have decided to bring you the best generator of infinite gems for Dragon City. This generator works completely legally and allows you to get gems, gold and food totally unlimited free.

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Gem generator for Dragon City

You can only use the generator once every 24 hours, and the maximum gems and gold to receive is 99,999M gems Y 999.999M gold.

Download Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Gems & Gold (Android/iOS)

are you ready to play Dragon City without limitations? Become the dragon master you have always dreamed of and build your farm without fear of running out of resources. With this APK you'll be able to access hundreds of tricks and options that require gold and gems.

It is an application not official of Dragon City, which is modified by various developers, which eliminate all the barriers and limitations that exist in the game. In this way, you can get in Dragon City infinite gems and gold.

This APK is available for both Android as for ios, so you can take advantage of this trick regardless of the operating system of your mobile. With this MOD you will be able to access options such as kill with one hit and get free gems.

Download Dragon City Mod APK

Just activate the mod when it's your turn and you can kill the rival dragons in one hit. It should be noted that once your turn has passed, you must disable the mod, otherwise your opponent will also be able to land a critical hit.

How to install Dragon City Mod APK:

  • Click on the button below

  • Download the APK file

  • On your phone, open the downloaded file

  • Tap on install

  • Follow the installation steps

  • Enjoy Dragon City Hack!

If it is the first time that you download an apk outside of Google PltoY, you will have to go to settings and look for the “Permissions” option once inside, you must click on the “Accept external downloads” box So you can download the file without any problem.

How to Hack Dragon City – Gold, Gems and Infinite Food

As the title indicates, in this section we are going to show you how you can get gems, food and gold in Dragon City for free. It's about a hacker that will allow you to live the game experience to the fullest.

Do you want to know how to use this step by step method? Here we tell you:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the web page that we leave you below.

  • Enter your Facebook, search for the game and enter. When the game finishes loading, right click and click on “View page source code”

  • In this step you will have to get a new tab with codes. Don't worry, you just have to press "Ctrl + F", a search engine will open in the upper right corner

  • Now look for the wordsigned_request” without the quotes. Once you are in the section, copy everything between quotes from the value parameter.

  • Go back to the page where we will execute the Infinite Gold, Food and Gems Hack for Dragon City, just paste the value.

  • Once you have completed the previous steps, you just have to click on "Play", it is the right button that is on the same line where you pasted the value.

Congratulations, you've hacked Dragon City! Wait for the game to load and you can see what you now have 999,999 free gems, 1,000 million gold and food. Amazing, right? Try it for yourself!

It is important to note that this method, despite being functional, can lead to the permanent banning of your account, since it is an unofficial trick that affects the economy of the game. Therefore, it is up to you if you want to implement it.

Tips to get gems playing Dragon City

If you are new to Dragon City, you should know that there are certain tricks that will help you level up quickly. But not only that, you can also get free gold and gems by doing various activities within the game.

Although not a quick way get gems in Dragon City freeis the safest way to do it. For this reason, we have compiled a list of actions that will help you have infinite gems for Dragon City.

Level up:

This is the safest way to earn free gems inside the game. when you start in Dragon City they teach you the importance of leveling up, offering the ability to level up to a hundred levels.

Every time you go up a level, you will get a free gem, so when you finish going up all the levels, you will have got up to nine gems.

Download the app:

With only download Dragon City the game downloads 5 gems to you and as each week passes, you will get 5 more gems just for staying active, no matter what you do.

Participate in the tournament:

When entering Dragon City you will get in the lower right part of your screen the link of Combat World Dragons. You can participate in the different combats that appear there, but keep in mind that you only have 3 opportunities every 6 hours.

If you manage to emerge victorious from the battle, you will get a random number of gems and gold . Stay active and upgrade your gear to earn free gems.

Invite your friends:

This option is very popular in Android games, if you invite a friend you can win up to 5 free gems. Take advantage of this option to leave your referral link in various forums or social networks.

Dragon Stadium:

Within your city you have the opportunity to create your own dragon stadium, where various fights with your own creatures take place. For each victorious fight, you can get up to 2 gems, gold and lots of vegetables for your dragons.


Dragon City has become a popular game for many players and one of the most common methods for get gems is by earning them through the different game modes. The player will earn XP by collecting food and placing habitats. The player will also get gems by completing the objectives set in the game.

For example, collecting orbs can power up your dragons, making them more formidable opponents during battles. As long as you log in regularly, you can get a lot of free diamonds and gems for Dragon City.