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MyBKExperience – What are the Steps of Burger King Survey?

Burger King creates a survey related to the customers’ experience. Therefore the name of this survey is MyBKExperience. The customers can share their experience when they visit Burger King. Burger King expects that all customers are willing to fill out this survey. So, when you have just visited BK store, you should not throw BK receipts. It is because your receipt is the requirement to access Burger King survey. Click below link to participate in mybkexperience survey:

mybkexperience.com survey free whopper

For the Burger King company, the aim of the survey is to make the improvement. Mostly, the survey questions are asking about BK food and service. So, the company can make the evaluation. The next, they can decide which aspect they have to improve. The primary goal of Burger King is to achieve customer satisfaction. Through MyBKExperience, Burger King hopes that all customers can tell their feedback. The next, the company can use the result as their evaluation. Then, how can you take Burger King Survey? First, you have to prepare the recent BK receipt. The next, you can follow the BK survey guideline below.

  • Go to Burger King survey online portal.

Burger King only provides an online survey, so you should access http://www.mybkexperience.com. In the BK survey homepage, you can select the language. This survey is available in English, French, and Espanol.

  • Enter Burger King store location code.

You can look for this code in Burger King receipt. Every receipt will contain the restaurant number or code. The site will give you a message when you do not enter the code correctly.

  • Input BK survey code.

Then, look at your receipt to find out the survey validation code. This code will take you to Burger King Guest satisfaction survey. My BK Experience may require you to input the time when you purchase BK product. Do not be panic if you forget the time. It is because you can search the date and time details in KK receipt.

  • Give your feedback.

Then you will encounter some Burger King survey questions. Then, you just need to respond the survey honestly.

  • Grab Burger King coupon.

The last, Burger King is going to display the coupon when you finish this survey. You need to remember that your response to the survey does not affect the reward. So, although you tell the bad feedback, you still have a chance to get BK coupon. This coupon code is the way Burger King to thank you. It is because Burger King appreciates your participation in mybkexperience survey.