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Full Circle Brew Co's Sustainable Craft returns to Brew//LDN24

Get ready, craft beer lovers! Brew//LDN is just around the corner, and this year promises an extra frothy pour of excitement with the return of Full Circle Brew Co (FCBC). Known for their range of 4%-8% pales and a knack for brewing up surprises, FCBC is all geared up to get your tastebuds buzzing once again.

Launching into the craft beer scene in 2020 they're not just about making waves; they're about making a difference, too. With prestigious accolades under their belt, including the Community Engagement Award at SIBA BeerX for two consecutive years (2022 & 2023) and their flagship IPA, Looper, clinching Gold at both BeerX 2022 and the Asia Beer Awards 2023, it's clear they're doing something right

But what's their secret? 

FCBC champions the lush, hazy goodness of American East Coast pales, delivering the juicy, flavour-packed brews that have become the hallmark of the craft beer revolution. Yet, their brewing prowess doesn't stop there. With a penchant for the dark and mysterious, alongside a zesty selection of westies and sours, FCBC proves time and again that variety is the spice of life (or should we say, the hops of beer?).

With an on-site mill and a state-of-the-art 4 vessel brewhouse, they've mastered the art of consistency, ensuring that every

batch of their core range is as perfect as the last. This dedication to excellence is not just about taste; it's about sustainability too. On a mission to reach carbon net zero by 2030, FCBC is making leaps and bounds towards a greener future. From installing a nitrogen generator in 2023 to significantly reducing their CO2 emissions, to partnering with Zevero to monitor and minimise their environmental impact, FCBC is as committed to the planet as they are to their craft.

So, what can you expect from Full Circle Brew Co at this year's Brew//LDN?

A dazzling array of their signature juicy pales, for starters, plus a few unexpected twists that will keep you on your toes. But more than that, you'll find a team that's passionate about beer, community, and the environment. A team that brews with a purpose, pushing the boundaries of what craft beer can be, one sustainable step at a time.

Don't miss out on the chance to experience the magic of Full Circle Brew Co at Brew//LDN. Grab your tickets today and pop by to say hello to the FCBC team!

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